Best White No.2 Bales (BW2)


Best White No.2 Bales (BW2)

100% pure white woodfree paper with some off-tone woodfree paper permitted (5% max.). Some coating and marks permitted. Can be purchased in either full or part loads.

Best White No.2 Bales (BW2)

The grade to consist of up to 100% pure white wood-free paper, either slab or shavings, with some coatings or marks permitted for every bale loaded. The grade must not contain any paper derived from mechanical pulp, e.g. unprinted white news or coated mechanical paper. Each bale must be sorted free of all plastic, polythene coated or laminates & must not contain other contraries such as wet strength or stickies. Some off tone / cream wood-free paper is permitted within this grade (5% max) however this varies dependant on the mill supplied & in general, material found to contain off tones, coatings or marks greater than 5% will be downgraded or rejected. Material found to contain paper derived from mechanical pulp, plastic, polythene coated or laminates or any other contraries / contamination such as wet strength or stickies or any objectionable material or unacceptable material will be rejected. Please be aware of any non-paper components or foreign matter in the recovered paper which, during processing, may cause damage to machines, interruptions to paper production.



Commonly used for: The manufacture of recycled papers for the publishing industry, recycled writing papers, some high-end recycled tissue products.

Highlander tip: Each mill has different requirements for BW2 so it is vital to understand the spec – best to have buyers view the material prior to loading.

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