Legislative Compliance

In keeping with our commitment to the environment and to illustrate our professional operating standards, Highlander have applied for and achieved numerous certificates and accreditations pertaining to our industry.

Highlander are also registered waste brokers and carriers, certified by both SEPA and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). In Northern Ireland, we operate our own internal haulage system through our nominated haulage contractor, to ensure that the collection service we offer is unrivalled in the area and so the haulier is working directly for Highlander and not through a third party.

Highlander are also registered waste brokers in the Republic of Ireland, certified by the TFS office in Dublin. In the Republic of Ireland, we operate using only vetted and approved haulage contractors, to ensure that the collection service we offer meets both legislative and our customer requirements.

We are able to offer Packaging Export Recovery Notes (PERN's) to many of our clients who either have a direct obligation or are acting on behalf of an obligated company, under the stipulations of the packaging regulations. Highlander can assist any obligated company to meet all their obligations under the packaging regulations, by offering a complete package which ensures that our customers can concentrate on their business, without the potential problems that the regulations can bring.

We calculate obligations, liase with the local enforcement agencies, draft operational plans, source the proof of compliance and prepare all documentation required for the successful discharge of the packaging regulations obligations. As we can generate our own Packaging Export Recovery Notes (PERN's) and also advise clients on how to increase their recycling and reduce landfill reliance, we can ensure complete control of the process from start to finish. Many of our clients have taken advantage of our premium obligation service since the regulations came into force and still utilise this service today.

Highlander have recently achieved ISO 9001 and ISO14001 International quality and environmental management standards for our entire operations. This provides further assurance to our customers that we deal with all orders and enquiries efficiently and in line with company practice, while ensuring the service provided is second to none and above all - safe. Ourl credentials are below:

Highlander International Recyling ltd.

  • Company Registration number: 265586
  • Brokers / carriers licence: WCR/R/1118432
  • NI Brokers / carriers licence: ROC UT 2800
  • RO Ireland TFS Brokers licence: IRE/G034/15
  • Site waste exemption certificate: WML/XS/1100565
  • Site waste exemption certificate: WML/XS/1130236
  • VAT Registration certificate number: 829 1843 07
  • ISO 9001 certificate number: 90012015292
  • ISO 14001 certificate number: 140012015292