Pro-Active Moisture Testing

In response to concerns shown by our customers, Highlander have decided to introduce a complimentary moisture testing program for all our regular material suppliers. With the amount of material we now export to all parts of the world, many suppliers are now looking for the ability to be proactive in the light of increased claims from overseas mills, of which moisture can play a big part in their overall value. The issues experienced recently are moisture claims that cannot be challenged sufficiently as there is no 'at source' moisture readings to counter any evidence supplied by mills to initiate claims of that nature.

Stephen Duffy, Director at Highlander, commented "on one of my recent tours of Ireland for example, many suppliers of recovered paper for export were genuinely concerned about the possibility of spurious claims from overseas mills - especially in times where market prices are falling - as the perception is that many mills will instigate claims to achieve better prices in parity with any reduced markets at that particular time. In order to provide counter evidence of good practice and in some cases direct evidence against such claims, Highlander has invested significant money in a modern moisture meter. When visiting suppliers we will look for them to voluntarily participate in pro-active moisture testing. We hope this will provide some peace of mind against future claims or at the very least, provide a basis to counter any claims that are considered spurious or unrealistic".

The machine itself is an Emco hand held device model AP500. It is unique in that it measures moisture from within the bales to a depth of approximately 300mm. This equates to an investment of about €3000 by the company, however we hope that this will repay itself many times over as we assist suppliers in countering any claims that are considered unfair. If you require more information about the equipment, please feel free to visit the web site of the manufacturer:

Emco AP500.pdf

The system we will use to measure the baled material at our suppliers operations is best summarised on the inspection sheet we have designed (sample form below)

Moisture Test Record Sheet.pdf

All bales inspected will have a picture taken of the reading shown by the meter itself. We will then attach a special Highlander label to each bale tested as evidence the material has been inspected prior to shipment. This will illustrate to the end buyer that the material has been moisture tested at source, and hopefully will make them less likely to initiate moisture claims, as in such instances they can be argued by empirical evidence. Please see our specially designed label attached for your reference

Moisture Testing Label.pdf

The machine itself will be calibrated on an annual basis by the manufacturer and the results are available to all suppliers and customers alike. For more information on this important new service, please feel free to contact Stephen Duffy directly at 01355 524 215.

Thanks again for your continued custom and support.