Stephen Duffy

Stephen DuffyStephen Duffy (Purchasing Director)
Stephen Duffy is the Purchasing Director for Highlander International Recycling and has extensive experience in the technical aspects of paper recycling. Stephen was ten years with Smurfit Recycling, where he started off as General Operative and became Regional Manager for Scotland within 6 years. Stephen (38)  left Smurfit in 2005 to take the lead role in sourcing recovered paper for Highlander's mill partners and has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the company.
Stephen recently agreed to be a guest writer for Sustainable Ireland, the premier waste and recycling magazine for the Irish environment market and his column is a well known feature of the publication which generates a lot of interest for both producers and processors of recovered paper alike.
His regular market updates on both the magazine and our website have proven to be useful to all stakeholders in the recycling market and provide some context to what is happening in the industry and why.
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A bit more about Stephen;

Length of service (start date)?
Over a decade of service - started December 2003

Age and place of birth?
I am a very young looking 38 year old and was born in Glasgow
What's your favourite part of the job?
Apart from the free tickets to Celtic park? I'd say all the friends I have made over the years - people I would have probably never have met in normal circumstances and that's one of the things about the recovered paper trade - full of characters and good people

What's your least favourite part of the job - and why?
Claims, downgrades, rejections et al - it's never nice giving bad news when costs are involved

What did you want to be when you were at school?
A football player..... unfortunately I never had the physique for it although definitely had the skill....honest!

Travel! Your favourite place you've been and one place you'd like to visit?
Best place I have been is safari in Kenya about 11 years ago - you could drive around game parks for weeks and see nothing of real excitement or drive around for a few hours and see loads of exciting things like lions, hippos etc. And I was lucky enough to see just about everything! One place I would love to visit is New Zealand, but I'm not keen on flying and as far as I'm aware there are no ferry services from Scotland to that part of the world. A bit closer to home I would like to visit Madrid sometime, but would like to visit to see my beloved Celtic play!

Past times, what do you like to do when you're not working?
Watching football, talking about football, thinking about football.... just football haha! I like the odd night out, Chinese food, spending time with wee Stephen and relaxing in front of the telly with loads of crisps and sweets - bliss!

Camera - Action! Your favourite movie of all time?
Hmmm so many to choose from; probably two - Goodfellas and Gladiator.....although The Wolf of Wall Street comes a very, very close third! Oh and 300 too lol!

Doppelganger - who would play you in a TV series based on Highlander?
Gerard Butler - just as he looked in the film 300 only I'd be a little more muscular I think...

Tipple - what do you drink at work and what do you drink out of work?
Diet Irn Bru naturally being Scottish and Rekorderlig Swedish Cider, strawberry and lime ooft!

Cheesy music - your favourite band or singer now and when you were 13?
When I was 13 it was Happy Mondays and Stone Roses (yes, I used to have a middle shed). Now I don't really listen to much music - prefer radio 4 (I know boring)

The future - where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?
Older, greyer, worse memory than now and a bit heavier haha!

The future - where would you like to see the company in 5 years' time?
At the moment we have a good mix of trading volumes in Ireland and processing infrastructure in Scotland with the opening of our new depot. The next stage for us is local collections of recovered paper and doing far more sourcing of material within the local radius, while never ignoring the important business we practice across the Irish sea. Ideally we would be operating a new baler, 3 vehicles, and several collection systems including bins / bales / loose etc. Employing more staff and making a good contribution to the local community.

The Grand Finale - if you were stranded in a desert island, what three things would you have with you?
That's easy! 60-inch television, Sky+ box and sports and movie subscription, oh and electricity to work them of course!