All aboard for Ecuador – the follow up!”

Euan Walker – a student at the University of the West of Scotland and part-time employee at Highlander, recently returned from the biggest challenge of his life, having travelled over to Ecuador in June this year – along with 10 other students from his University – during which time they assisted a local village by helping in construction work and aiding the children of the village by providing education. Euan kindly took some pictures of the trip and had the following to say about the contribution Highlander made to make the trip a reality:


“This is a thank you to Highlander International Recycling, for the sponsorship and fundraising they helped me raise. I had the best two weeks of my life in Ecuador, the experience gained from the trip will not be forgotten and the friends I made, I will have for life. I can’t thank the staff of Highlander International enough for the help and I greatly appreciate the support the gave me too.

Thanks, Euan Walker

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