Extra investment in the Highlander fleet

It’s been a busy start to the year at Highlander, hopefully, a sign that many businesses are starting to return to ‘normal’.

To ensure we are ready to help as many businesses as possible, across paper and wood recycling and security shredding we have strengthened our fleet of vehicles to meet our increasing customer demand.

Firstly with the addition of a new 44-ton articulated truck, and increasing the number of dedicated trailers available to 12. We have also added some smaller trucks, capable of shifting between 26-32 tons in large roll-on/off containers, these are mainly used in collecting bulk volumes of paper and cardboard, and wooden pallets for recycling.

One of the most familiar vehicles in our fleet is the Moffett Mounty, capable of loading and shifting large volumes of bales and materials on pallets, thanks to the clever design that allows us to take a rear-mounted forklift along, ideal for customers who don’t have their own forklift or are too busy to use their own for waste loading.

We’ve added to our range of hook lift vehicles too, used for exchanging and transporting skips and compactors of recycled materials, and can carry up to 32 tons. Highlanders drivers make it look easy, but it takes skill, training and practice to load and unload the containers efficiently and safely.

The large trucks are not suited to our security shredding collections, which are generally focused in and around the major cities across the UK. For this side of the business, we’ve invested in a range of panel vans, from our Mercedes Titan ‘Baby Shark’ for small loads, especially handy getting into tight lanes and car parks within city centres.

We also have larger high-top long-wheelbase Sprinters – great for city clearances and busy high-volume rounds servicing multiple offices in busy cities.

No matter what your recycling needs are, Highlander can help! Our collection services for both Recycling and Shredding are flexible, efficient, safe and reliable and we have the best vehicle for the job at ALL times!

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