As well as providing a comprehensive collection service that is unrivalled in the marketplace, we can assure you of competitive terms for provision of our recycling services.

We supply a broad range of markets and destination countries, including the U.K. and mainland Europe, for re-processing your recycled paper and will always seek to achieve best value for the various recovered papers we process, the benefit of which we pass on to you, the customer.

We are in a position to collect or receive delivery of all waste paper grades at very competitive terms and where applicable, we can offer reliable transport and collection services, designed to keep your materials moving onto our worldwide processing partners. We can make the process of adding value and the recycling of recovered paper trouble free and convenient, while providing support and advice all the way from accreditation, completion of paperwork, implementation of recycling systems, training et al. allowing you to get on with the running of your business!


​The central ethos of our company is all about recycling. Factors such as legislation, commercial pressures and public perception have forced all producers of waste industrial, commercial and domestic – to rethink their disposal routes and as a result, a new culture of “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Refuse” has pervaded throughout the country. While we are predominantly a paper recycling company, we understand that all of our customers don’t just produce paper for recycling – other waste streams exist such as plastic, metals, wood and despite best attempts, there will always be an element of waste materials that simply cannot be recycled by conventional methods. With this in mind, our trained recycling specialists look to perform comprehensive waste audit services whose aim, is to maximise the volume and types of waste materials generated by your business for recycling. We carefully examine the various types of waste materials you generate, their volumes, how they are handled internally, how they are contained / packaged, how they are collected and finally, how they are disposed of. Once we consider all of these factors, we will provide you a comprehensive audit report, which will analyse your current process and provide recommendations as to how to improve your entire waste and recycling strategy. Highlander will always recycle any paper and plastics directly through our modern recycling facility in Glasgow and in the case of other waste materials, we will utilise the service of approved partners – in essence, we will provide you with a “one stop shop” solution, while concentrating our efforts on our core business and area of expertise – recovered paper recycling. Other companies try and provide all waste services in house and while this may be effective, we believe that being masters of our trade, rather than jacks of several trades, is in the best interests of our customers in both the short and long term. Highlander have long established relationships with paper mills all over the world who consume a wide range of recovered paper grades, something that conventional waste management companies simply cannot rival. Our comprehensive waste audit services are completely free of charge and come with no obligation – we look to perform such audits for customers at least every year, so we can keep abreast of what changes are occurring at your operations and naturally, what we can do to accommodate these changes and ensure that any waste materials generated are handled and recycled, in a cost effective, sustainable, compliant and environmentally friendly manner. If we cannot provide any services for you due to the nature of your waste materials or logistical / geographical reasons, we will always provide contacts for other partner companies who may be able to help!

The main factors that we consider when performing our comprehensive waste audit services are as listed below;

  • Various types of waste materials generated
  • Volumes/weight of each material generated
  • Current system for internal handling of waste materials
  • Recycling/disposal machinery currently in use at your operation
  • Current system for packaging/containing each material generated
  • Current system for disposing of each material generated
  • Waste reporting systems in place/documentation procedures
  • Commercial terms from your current service provider
  • Health and safety requirements at your operations
  • Space/height/logistical restrictions at your operations
  • Culture pervasive within the people at your business
  • Any barriers present that may hinder recycling improvement systems
  • Any other factors that may assist or hinder recycling improvement systems

Our audit report will then provide various recommendations which will look to improve efficiency, reduce waste, offer savings but most importantly – INCREASE RECYCLING WHERE POSSIBLE!

We will keep all recommendations concise and simple so they can be implemented with the minimum of fuss and disruption, and you can start to enjoy the savings immediately! Some examples of recycling improvements we can make from our waste audit reports include;

  • Use of "recycling stations" in your areas of operation with colour coded bins to denote disposal routes and ensure contaminant free recycling
  • Use of recycling machinery to reduce the volume of waste and reduce collection frequencies - E.g. balers, waste containers etc.
  • Identification of materials for recycling which may previously have been considered only suitable for landfill or energy disposal
  • Promoting the separation of materials for recycling which will enhance the value of these commodities and encourage "real, sustainable recycling"
  • Using approved recycling experts as our partners where multi-materials exist for disposal - for example, wood and metals recycling


Our secure, professional and GDPR compliant collection and shredding service ensures confidential documents are handled diligently at all times, by our security screened personnel, vetted to BS7858 standards. All staff wear Highlander uniforms and have photographic identification and we are EN15713 accredited for your peace of mind.


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