Privacy Policy Statement

We have procedures in place for the protection of personal information and comply in full to relevant data protection legislation, and more specifically GDPR.

We collect personal details of our employees in line with legal requirements and legislation. Also, as part of our shredding service, we may collect personal data which is purely for destruction. To ensure our employees and customers are aware of how we protect and manage their personal data we have prepared a Data Protection Policy which details what data we hold and how it is managed.

If you enquire about our goods/services or have done business with us in the past we may hold some information about you such as business telephone numbers or email addresses, and we will only use this information for the purpose it was collected. We will never sell you data or share it with 3rd parties who might use it for any other purpose.

We will only hold personal data for as long as we are legally obliged to hold this, and we have systems in place for the management of the retention of data.

Please contact us if you wish to know whether we hold any personal data about you, and if you wish the data we hold about you to be updated or if you would like us to erase your data.

Our web site does not collect personal data about you unless you contact us to enquire about our services. The web site uses cookie and may collect computer identification data, but this does not include any personal information.

This policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis and formally reviewed at least annually during management reviews and the latest version will always be available on our company website or upon request.