To combat spurious claims from overseas buyers, Highlander have implemented a moisture testing program for all grades of waste paper produced at our facility.

Stephen Duffy, Director at Highlander, commented “In order to ensure Highlander mill customers received material of genuine quality – including material within the allowed moisture limits – Highlander has invested in a modern moisture meter capable of accurately measuring the moisture of individual bales, as part of our overall quality assurance strategy. We hope this will provide some peace of mind to our mill partners that the material we supply will be to specification, clean AND dry at all times”

The machine itself is an Emco hand held device model AP500. It is unique in that it measures moisture from within the bales to a depth of approximately 300mm. This equates to an investment of about £3000 by the company, however we hope that this will repay itself many times over as we assist suppliers in countering any claims that are considered unfair. If you require more information about the equipment, please feel free to visit the web site of the manufacturer –

If you require any further information on our moisture test procedures, please contact our Commercial team at 01355 524 215 – thank you for your interest in our company!



The system we utilise to measure the baled material at our suppliers operations is best summarised on the inspection sheet we have designed.


For more information, please feel free to contact Stephen Duffy directly at 01355 524 215.


All bales inspected will have a picture taken of the reading shown by the meter itself. We will then attach a special Highlander label to each bale tested as evidence the material has been inspected prior to shipment. This will illustrate to the end buyer that the material has been moisture tested at source.


Our secure, professional and GDPR compliant collection and shredding service ensures confidential documents are handled diligently at all times, by our security screened personnel, vetted to BS7858 standards. All staff wear Highlander uniforms and have photographic identification and we are EN15713 accredited for your peace of mind.


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