Our product destruction service is for customers with any redundant branded or security items that need to be safely and securely destroyed, in an environmentally friendly manner.

We offer a complete and documented audit trail from the initial receipt of material – either collected or delivered – to the final issue of our Certificate of Destruction, all performed to EN15713 standards.

The entire destruction process is performed under the guise of digital CCTV and using an innovative bar-code system as a means of electronic audit trail. We are confident that the security, professionalism and integrity of this service cannot be matched by any of our competitors. Customers are welcome to visit the operations and see their items being destroyed in person, all in the comfort of our new mezzanine viewing area!

After the customer gives us a description of the goods for destruction and the quantity of each item, all material will be bar-code labelled at source by the customer after Highlander supplies the label via e-mail as an easy-to-use PDF document. These bar-code labels simply need to be printed by customers and attached to the items destined for destruction. Where required, spare bar-codes can be supplied by Highlander at a moment’s notice if additional materials are identified for destruction. Each collection vehicle containing material destined for destruction will be sealed before transit, with a numbered seal to maintain the integrity of the collection vehicle and its contents and this seal number will form an integral part of the electronic audit trail.

All vehicles Highlander use to collect material for destruction come with GPS tracking as standard to enable the movement of your goods to be monitored from point of collection, to final delivery to our destruction centre. The material is then unloaded and will be stored in a designated, secure area awaiting destruction away from non-security materials, to eliminate the possibility of items for destruction being mixed up with items destined for conventional recycling. A full audit trail will exist for the entire process, culminating in the issuing of a destruction certificate, within 24 hours of the actual destruction of your material.


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The system itself has standard features to enhance and ensure security such as remote access CCTV, employee background checks to BS7858, 2 fenced, locked and controlled destruction areas with fob controlled security access and United Kingdom Security Shredding Association (UKSSA) external accreditation – our service is more destructive than a great white and we are here to ensure your branded materials NEVER come back to bite you!

Key points of the service

  • Barcode labeling for easy identification of any material for destruction
  • Transport of material exclusively to our secure destruction operations
  • Containment & storage of material in a secure, CCTV monitored security area
  • Shredding of material to ensure absolute destruction to EN15713 standards
  • Where possible, local recycling of destroyed materials to EN643 standards
  • Electronic audit trail for each batch of material received and destroyed
  • Destruction certificate issued for each batch received, within 24 hours

Additional security features associated with our Destruction Service:

  • Digital CCTV systems all around the site, monitoring all work activities
  • All employees fully background checked to BS7858 standards
  • Secure premises, monitored 24 hours per day, lockable and fully alarmed
  • Invitations for Customers to visit our premises & view the process personally
  • Security sealing collection containers to remove risk of material removal
  • Identification badges worn by all Highlander staff working in the area
  • Uniformed Highlander operatives collecting your material at ALL TIMES
  • Controlled & recorded access to all areas using door entry fob system
Destruction Certification:
The certificate will be counter signed for final approval only by a company director and onlyafter we are 100% satisfied the destruction process is completed. For each batch of security material received, the certificate will be issued no more than 24 hours after the material at Highlander International Recycling has been destroyed, by way of e-mail or by hard copy if preferred.
Shredding Capacity:
Highlander operates an Industrial Hammer Mill which shreds the material at about 7 tons per hour – the largest capacity in Scotland! We also operate an Ulster 45 shredder, dedicated PALL baler and comprehensive dust extraction system – feel free to pop along and speak to one of our destruction experts for a tour of the facility and to see the destruction process in action! Contact for more info!

Baling and recycling of the security material to ensure sustainability.

Where possible, material for destruction will be baled and will receive a final inspection by our Quality Control Department. The material is tagged and made ready for transportation and eventual recycling at one of our approved, nominated material processors who will manufacture a range of recycled goods from this vital commodity, including writing papers, packaging boards, tissue products and more. We currently operate three modern, fully automatic baling machines being an Imabe horizontal baling press with a capacity of 400 tons per week, a Lindemann Bigro 120 horizontal baling press with a capacity of 500 tons per week and dedicated destruction area PALL baler capable of 150 tons per week – this gives us a total Baling Capacity of over 1000 tons per week –  the largest recovered paper baling capacity utilized by an independent recycling company in Scotland!

We are confident that the service, costs and support offered by Highlander will exceed your requirements and you can be assured that all products for destruction will be handled with integrity and diligence – please free to contact us directly at 01355 241088 and one of our destruction experts will attend to your enquiry. If you wish to see the process, we would be delighted for you to visit our facility and see in person that our service is more destructive than a great white and we are here to ensure your branded materials NEVER come back to bite you!


Our secure, professional and GDPR compliant collection and shredding service ensures confidential documents are handled diligently at all times, by our security screened personnel, vetted to BS7858 standards. All staff wear Highlander uniforms and have photographic identification and we are EN15713 accredited for your peace of mind.


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