Reel Splitting Services

Highlander International operate a modern paper reel splitter to assist us in efficiently and safely cutting large paper reels. The machine is capable of cutting reels of size 2.7m long and 2.2m diameter, at a rate of one reel every 2 minutes.

The reel splitting machine is a BOA HRSM 25/40T fully automatic unit purchased 7thApril 2013. It comes with all safety measures, including guards, emergency stops and a proximity warning system. The cutting blade length is 2700mm and the cutting blade height is 150mm with pressing force of 40 tons. The process ensures all reel material received is handled, swiftly, efficiently and safely.

Receiving And Cutting Process:

On arrival at our depot, the vehicle will be weighed using our fully calibrated weigh-bridge and will be escorted to our unloading area. We utilise telescopic reel clamp trucks so we can load and unload from one side of the trailer, saving time, reducing vehicle movements and improving the overall safety experience. Reels are loaded onto the splitter using a fully automatic lifting mechanism, which is designed to lift material onto the feed conveyor, in a quick and safe manner.

Security Reels For Destruction:

For material that is of a sensitive / branded / security nature, such as reels with a company specific watermark or printed reels with sensitive information attached, we make sure the material is shredded, before being baled and ready for final recycling. The shredding process is carried out using our in-house Hammermill shredder or Ulster 45 shredder with combined capacity of 9 tons per hour. This process is performed under the guise of CCTV and all operatives are vetted by disclosure Scotland for convictions and to BS7858 standards. The shredding is performed to EN15713 standards for confidential waste shredding and the security areas are fully fenced off and enclosed, accessible only by the management of the company. This security destruction process ensures beyond any doubt, that reels of a sensitive nature are fully destroyed to the highest, most diligent standards. As a matter of procedure, a destruction certificate is issued to all security reel suppliers within 48 hours of receipt of the material.

For further information please contact our commercial team at 01355 524 215 or

Once the cutting blade reaches the reel it simply cuts the paper, which falls away as each layer is penetrated by the blade. The blade position can be controlled to cut the reel as deep as you require – all the way down past the core if required. If the cores are steel, aluminium or any material that means the core is to be returned and re-used to the material supplier, the operator will carefully control the blade cut, so the integrity of the re-usable core is always maintained, ready to be returned to the supplier at a later date. Once the reels have been adequately cut, the conveyor is moved forward and the material falls onto the ground alongside our fully automatic baler for final recycling. We even recycle the waste cardboard cores after we have removed the material from them, using our Klass Jaguar core shredder –  click here for more information on our cardboard core shredding and recycling service!



Our secure, professional and GDPR compliant collection and shredding service ensures confidential documents are handled diligently at all times, by our security screened personnel, vetted to BS7858 standards. All staff wear Highlander uniforms and have photographic identification and we are EN15713 accredited for your peace of mind.


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