Specialist Services.

With over 60 years of experience in the recycling industry predominantly within paper and cardboard, we have honed our service and skills to provide the best possible services investing in specialist equipment and training to ensure we can provide the best service to our customers.

Reel splitting.

Our reel splitting service allows large reels of paper to be recycled efficiently. We can split reels up to 2.7m in length and up to a diameter of 2.2m. Our specialist equipment means that we can split a reel every two minutes. Our process allows us to preserve the paper and maximise recycling potential.

Security reel destruction.

For reel material of a sensitive, branded or security nature, such as reels with a company-specific watermark or reels that contain sensitive information, we shred the material from the reel before bailing for final recycling. This guarantees confidentiality and protects any brand identity.

Moisture testing.

We offer pro-active moisture testing to ensure the accuracy of the weights of all materials. Our EMCO AP500 calibrated meter is capable of measuring moisture from within the bales to a depth of approximately 300mm.

Our testing program applies to all grades of waste paper to assist both suppliers and customers in countering any disputes that may arise over moisture levels or weights. 

Brand protection.

With millions invested by brands each year to create unique identities, protecting that investment is paramount.  

Highlander can provide a secure destruction service that ensures all sensitive or branded materials, packaging, marketing materials and security papers are shredded and recycled, preventing fraud, theft or damage to brand identity. 

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We offer a wide range of products and services relating to recovered paper recycling, from local collections to purchasing recovered paper grades in bulk quantities for consumption by Highlander approved papermills.

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