Recycle your wood with Highlander.

Highlander can now offer wood and pallet recycling services to customers, throughout central Scotland. Highlander are renowned for their excellent service for paper recycling customers and can now also provide the same reliable, efficient and competitive service for waste wood recycling – contact us now for a quote to remove your waste / redundant or damaged pallets!

Our cost per cubic yard is as low as £2.50 for provision of a waste pallet container*, but we can also collect on curtain side trucks for stacks of pallets, where required. *(Subject to location and wood type).

We can provide 30 yard3 open containers for either short or long term use – Highlander operate special HL5 hook-lift containers, which are approximately half the size (12 ton GVW) and cost of the trucks used by waste contractors and about half the cost to collect waste wood, but with only a 25% reduction in container capacity (Based on industry standard 40 yard3 containers). This is in effect, potentially a 25% cost saving for waste wood and pallet generators – our trucks are specially designed to carry light materials like wood and paper, while our competitors operate large, inefficient collection vehicles (Up to 32 tons GVW) designed specifically for heavy items such as rubble, general waste and scrap. We use the correct truck for the correct job and reduce our environmental impact also, by way of reduced carbon emissions, reduced fuel consumption and less weight and impact on our highways.


No forklift? NO PROBLEM! We can collect stacks of pallets using our “Moffett Mounty” self-loading collection vehicle, meaning we will only need your help when we need paperwork signed! (Moffett service only available at locations deemed safe and with adequate workspace). Highlander operate 2 x Moffett Mounty trucks throughout the central belt, meaning we can collect your waste pallets quickly, reliably and entirely to your convenience!

A video of how our Moffett Mounty collection vehicles work, can be viewed as below:

For more information, contact us NOW at 01355 524 215 or at

We guarantee the best service, commercials and reliability in the industry! Click here to find out more from our satisfied customers! We have also developed a customer wood recycling guide – Click here for more information on the service.


Our secure, professional and GDPR compliant collection and shredding service ensures confidential documents are handled diligently at all times, by our security screened personnel, vetted to BS7858 standards. All staff wear Highlander uniforms and have photographic identification and we are EN15713 accredited for your peace of mind.


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