Wooden packaging and pallet recycling.

We provide wood, pallet and wooden packaging recycling across central Scotland, with our fleet of recycling vehicles operating in the area daily.  

We have no minimum quantities or condition rules so we can remove unwanted pallets with minimum fuss. 

Damaged and unused pallets take up valuable space and can present an accident risk, let us take the hassle out of pallet disposal. 

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We recycle wood – never landfill it!

Where possible we will look to repair pallets and get them back into circulation, we encourage reuse where we can. When this is not possible waste, redundant or damaged pallets are then recycled. 

Wood and pallets which cannot be repaired or reused, are recycled into new wood products like wooden boards for flooring and construction, biomass fuel and animal bedding. 

Waste wood collection

Highlanders fleet of collection vehicles is specially designed to carry light materials like wood and paper, unlike many other wood recyclers.

Our fleet allows us to reduce our environmental impact by reducing our carbon emissions and reducing fuel consumption. By running an efficient fleet, we can pass these cost savings on to you offering lower collection costs.

Why not ask about a container for safe storage of wood between collection, these help retain values, find out more.

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