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Compress your paper products into compact bales that are both space-saving and easy to handle. A single bale of cardboard is the equivalent of one full 7m bin or 10 pallets of stacked cardboard. This not only saves time and money, but it can also reduce your waste removal costs as the need to empty bins as regularly is removed. Our balers make it quick and easy to make mill-size bales. These recycle-ready bales can be taken directly to paper mills to be recycled into new paper products. We have a variety of balers available with extremely competitive rental rates, and regular collections included in the cost

Fully or semi-automatic horizontal balers

Hand fed, wire tied vertical mill-sized balers

Hand fed, twine tied vertical multi-chamber balers


How do compactors work?

Compactors work by compressing your waste so it takes up less space and reduces its volume – sometimes as much as a ratio or 10:1. By using a compactor for your paper or cardboard instead of a standard container or skip, it’s possible to reduce your waste collections by as much as 90%. Using a compactor for recycling materials is not only cost-effective but much more environmentally friendly, due to reduced vehicle emissions from multiple waste collections. We can provide a variety of compactors to aid recycling across your business.

State of the art compactors

Open hopper compactor/bin systems.

Ideal for reasonable volumes of cardboard and perfect if you don’t have a forklift or space for a tipper system for loading. Just place the cardboard in by hand and let the compactor go to work and we will exchange it when it’s full.

Standard door-fed compactor/bin systems.

Similar to the standard open hopper system but cardboard is loaded via a door in the hopper, suitable for businesses that have a few tonnes of waste per week or dealing in smaller fractions of paper or cardboard.

Tipper/1100 litre bin fed compactor.

A safe and easy way to deal with higher volumes of cardboard and paper without the need for a forklift. Our tippers take 660 to 1100L bins and tip it straight into the compactor. Great if you have multiple workstations as the bins can be easily manoeuvred to a central point.

Portable/mobile compactor systems.

Portable/mobile compactor systems.

These compactors are ideal if you have limited space or don’t have a dedicated area for your compactor/recycling materials. Roughly the size of a standard skip but able to hold much more material. Once full the compactor is removed, emptied and returned to the site.

New "Auto alert" compactor systems.

Old compactor systems operated on the principle that when ¾ full, a light would illuminate in the control panel and an employee would then contact the waste contractor to come and exchange the attached container. This presents some problems in that people might not see the compactor panel, or the light was faulty, or the employee forgot to make the call, or the waste company forgot to log the job. To combat these issues and ensure maximum efficiency for compactor collections, Highlander now offers new “Auto-alert” compactors which text and email nominated contacts whenever something significant happens with the compactor operations – for example, when it needs to be emptied or when a fault develops. These machines take responsibility away from staff and lets technology do all the work for you!


We have a selection of containers for storing paper, cardboard and waste wood between collections. All are supplied new or fully refurbished and are easy to load.

Closed Containers

Open-top & sliding-roof containers

Compactor containers

Flexible Storage Options

Bins & storage tubs

A more flexible storage options if you don’t have a dedicated space for a container or baler.

Wheeled bins

Our bins come in four sizes depending on volume and collection schedule. Ideal for smaller volumes and secure document storage as they are lockable.

Plastic storage tubs

Strong, robust tubs are great for storing documents and smaller volumes of flat-packed cardboard, printers waste and packaging materials for recycling. These containers offer a flexible storage ideal and can be stacked six high.

Specialist Equipment

Solar compactors

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, these compactors are ideal for areas where supplying power is costly and problematic or where no power supply exists. The solar panels provide all the energy necessary to power the compactor. This allows materials awaiting recycling to be stored, efficiently and effectively.  

Our first solar-powered compactor was installed in Scotland in 2016, and even with our weather and limited sunshine, it’s proving to be a great investment in boosting recycling within the organisation. The compactor is in a location that suits the business and the costs savings on both waste management and energy are paying dividends.

Air compacting systems

Our innovative air-extraction waste removal systems mean that waste paper, trim waste and dust can be pumped directly into a compactor or container.  This efficient system speeds up waste and trim paper removal. 

As waste is compacted via air this results in fewer waste collections, better rebate values and lower yard labour costs.

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We offer a wide range of products and services relating to recovered paper recycling, from local collections to purchasing recovered paper grades in bulk quantities for consumption by Highlander approved papermills.

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